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Im Folgenden ist eine Übersicht der Dissertationen aus den letzten Jahren gegeben, die in der Arbeitsgruppe geschrieben wurden. Über den entsprechenden Link ist das jeweilige Dokument abrufbar.


Q. Führing 2023 Decay-time-dependent studies of strange beauty mesons link
H. Manke 2023 Brachytherapy meets X-rays - A novel concept to treat ophthalmic tumours  
M. Becker 2023 Measurement of rare leptonic and semi-baryonic B meson decays with the LHCb experiment link
A. Ratke 2023 Enhancing precision radiotherapy: Image registration with deep learning and image fusion for treatment planning link
L. Calefice 2022 Standalone track reconstruction on GPUs in the first stage of the upgraded LHCb trigger system & Preparations for measurements with strange hadrons in Run 3 link
A. Battig 2022 Search for New Physics in rare decays of B mesons at the LHCb experiment link
A. Mödden 2022 Measurements of decays in the B → DD family at the LHCb experiment link
P. Ibis 2022 Measurements of CP violation in B0 → DD decays at the LHCb experiment link
A. Seuthe 2022 Test of lepton flavour universality with rare beauty-quark decays at the LHCb experiment link
K. Heinicke 2021 Strange oscillating beauty-mesons - Measurement of the oscillation frequency Δms at LHCb link
H. Stevens 2021 SciFi meets GPU - Tracking performance and GPU trigger studies for the SciFi Tracker link
P. Mackowiak 2021 Measurements of beauty hadron to charmonium decays - Branching fraction of Λb → ψ(2S)Λ and CP violation in B0 → ψKS link
N. Nolte 2021 A Selection Framework for LHCb's Upgrade Trigger link
T. Mombächer 2020 Beautiful leptons - setting limits to New Physics with the LHCb experiment link
C. Hasse 2019 Alternative Approaches in the Event Reconstruction of LHCb link
V. Müller 2019 Improvement of the LHCb measurement of sin(2β) in additional B0 decay modes link
M. Schellenberg 2019 Measurement of CP violation in the decay B0 → D*±D∓ with data from the LHCb experiment link
T. Schmelzer 2019 Measurement of the branching ratio of Bs → KS KS decays with the LHCb experiment link
T. Tekampe 2019 Probing the standard model of particle physics with rare B decays link
A. Birnkraut 2018 Measurement of CP violation in the decay B0 → D∓π± at the LHCb experiment link
M. Demmer 2018 Analysis of rare hadronic decay modes and simulation studies for the scintillating fibre tracker at the LHCb experiment link
U. Eitschberger 2018 Flavour-tagged measurement of CP observables in Bs → Ds∓K± decays with the LHCb experiment link
J. Menne 2018 The LHCb SciFi Tracker: studies on scintillating fibres and development of quality assurance procedures for the SciFi serial production link
R. Niet 2018 Measurements of CP Violation in B0 → [cc]KS Transitions at LHCb link
T. Pfeiler 2018 Dynamic evaluation of 4D robust optimisation for motion management in scanned proton therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma link
M. Ebenau 2017 Entwicklung eines Binuklidapplikators für die Brachytherapie von Augentumoren und Untersuchungen zur Dosimetrie von Augenapplikatoren link
L. Gavardi 2017 Studies for the LHCb SciFi Tracker - Investigation of SCSF-78 scintillating fibres performances and development of a novel class of highly efficient scintillating fibres link
R. Ekelhof 2016 Studies for the LHCb SciFi Tracker - Development of Modules from Scintillating Fibres and Tests of their Radiation Hardness link
F. Meier 2016 Measurements of sin(2β) using charmonium and open charm decays at LHCb link
C. Cauet 2015 Precision measurement of the CKM parameter sin(2β) with the LHCb experiment link
M. Deckenhoff 2015 Scintillating Fibre and Silicon Photomultiplier Studies for the LHCb Upgrade link
F. Kruse 2015 First measurement of CP violation in Bs → J/ψ KS decays with the LHCb experiment link
M. Schlupp 2015 Precision test of the Standard Model using key observables of CP violation and rare decays link
S. Swientek 2015 A data processing firmware for an upgrade of the Outer Tracker detector at the LHCb experiment link
T. Brambach 2013 Messung der BB Mischungsfrequenz Δmd und Kalibrierung des Flavour-Tagging mit Daten des LHCb Experiments link
J. Wishahi 2013 Measurement of CP Violation in B0 → J/ψ KS Decays with the LHCb Experiment link
M. Eichmann 2009 Entwicklung eines hochpräzisen Dosimetriesystems zur Messung der Oberflächendosisverteilung von Augenapplikatoren link