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Department of Physics
WG Albrecht

M.Sc. Janina Nicolini

I am a doctoral candidate in Professor Dr Albrecht’s group since October 2021 and part of a binational PhD project between the TU Dortmund and the Université Paris-Saclay in cooperation with the Laboratoire de physique des 2 infinis Irène Joliot-Curie (IJCLab).
During my master’s degree in physics, I developed a growing interest in flavour physics and flavour-changing neutral currents (FCNC) in particular. Intrigued by the flavour anomalies and the possibility of studying them with effective field theories, which I did in my bachelor’s project in the top-quark sector, I joined the group of Professor Dr Albrecht for my master thesis research project in April 2020. I started to search for currently unobserved FCNCs in the b-quark sector, especially for one of the rarest b-baryons, the Omega-b.
My current research focus is to successfully carry out these searches and perform a precise measurement of the quantities of the Omega-b baryon. As part of my binational PhD project, I am also involved in the angular analysis of very rare decays of the Lambda-b baryon. These decays involve a lepton pair in the final state, which consists either of two electrons or two muons.
The analysis of both the muon and electron decay modes leads to a new possibility to test lepton flavour universality with angular coefficients. At the same time, combining the results from both channels allows us to evaluate the theoretical predictions of relevant form factors and measure the contribution from charm loops.
I am involved in outreach projects for Professor Dr Albrecht’s group and the LHCb collaboration. This includes the planning and execution of national and international virtual tours of the LHCb experiment, e.g. as part of the last conference of the German physical society.

Faculty of physics
Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a
44227 Dort­mund

E-mail: janina.nicolinitu-dortmundde

PhD project in cooperation with Université Paris-Saclay

Doctoral Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation

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