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Department of Physics
Color-meets-Flavor Lectures

In cooperation with the Universities of Bonn and Siegen, joint lectures are offered in the fields of hadron and particle physics (master level).

Working Group Albrecht and Junior Research Group Mitzel

Particle physics and medical physics

A warm welcome!

Welcome to our website! Here you will find information on the work of the research group of Prof. Dr. Johannes Albrecht as well as on the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group of Dr. Dominik Mitzel. At the TU Dortmund University, we research the fundamentals of the microcosm with the LHCb experiment at CERN. The focus of our work is on investigating the fundamental forces as well as on developing particle physics detectors and methods for analysing large amounts of data. In addition, we work on the connection between particle physics and medical physics. Dr Mitzel's Junior Research Group focuses on the study of rare decays of the charm quark at the LHCb experiment.

Overview of research topics