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Department of Physics


Dr. Johannes Albrecht on his ERC Starting Grant(TU Dortmund University, January 2020)
Foretaste of new physics?(Physics Journal, October 2018)
Particles, antiparticles and the small difference(Spektrum der Wissenschaft, March 2018)
Rudolf Chaudoire Prize awarded to scientist Dr. Stefanie Reichert (TU Dortmund University, November 2017)
Dr. Johannes Albrecht of TU Dortmund receives ERC Starting Grant(idw, October 2016).
Discovery of the B → μμ decay(Netzwerk Teilchenwelt, May 2015).
New start for the world machine(Spiegel Online, March 2015).
Start of my Emmy Noether group in Dortmund (Infobrief TU Dortmund, March 2013)