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Department of Physics
WG Albrecht

Dr. Henning Manke

I am a PhD student in Bernhard Spaan's and Johannes Albrecht's group since January 2018 and work on a joint project with the University Hospital Essen, the Technical University Dortmund and Wolf Medizintechnik

During both my bachelor's and master's projects, I have been working on improving intraocular brachytherapy with individual shieldings and their manufacturing. 

My current research focuses on a new therapy concept for large retinoblastomas and choroidal melanoma. As the brachytherapy uses Ruthenium-106 plaques, which is a beta emitter, it is limited to apex heights of about 6 mm, depending on the plaque model. Larger tumors often lead to the enucleation of the eye, which is a significant loss in quality of life, especially for children. Therefore, we developed a combined concept consisting of brachytherapy and X-ray irradiation. My work produces the first proof of concept and initial estimates regarding the benefit of using the combined therapy concept. The results are produced with the Monte-Carlo simulation software Geant4 and a newly developed phantom for measurements.

Faculty of physics
Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a
44227 Dort­mund

Room: CP-03-111
E-mail: henning.manketu-dortmundde
Phone: +49 (0)231 755-8880

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