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Department of Physics
WG Albrecht

M.Sc. David Rolf

David is a doctoral candidate at our working group. Within the Gentner programme he spends three years at CERN and works on the commissioning, monitoring, and simulation of the Beam Conditions Monitor (BCM), the safety system of the LHCb experiment. This includes also the analysis of the beam conditions and the beam background. Another part of his thesis will be dedicated to the development and building of the LumiTracker, a novel luminosity detector for LHCb. In parallel he is developing control and monitoring software for the Timepix4 telescope. When David is not working on his physics projects, he likes to draw, or dives into the depths of stories and books.

Faculty of physics
Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a
44227 Dort­mund

E-mail: david.rolftu-dortmundde

Gentner doctorate at CERN

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