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Department of Physics

LHCb International Masterclass 2024

© Lars Kolk

This year's LHCb International Masterclass took place on 16.02.2024 from 09.00-17.30, where students learned about different methods of research and data analysis at the LHCb experiment.

This year, the Masterclass was again organized by Lars Kolk, who accompanied the events together with Tim Höhne and Jonah Blank. At the beginning, Dr. Dominik Mitzel and Dr. Holger Stevens gave introductory lectures on the standard model of particle physics and the LHCb experiment. Data from the experiment was then analyzed in small groups. Finally, the results were compared with the CERN group via video conference. Janina Nicolini also gave the participants a virtual tour of the DELPHI detector.

Further information can also be found on the faculty's website.