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Department of Physics

Call for bachelor thesis topics 2024

© Dr. Alex Seuthe

The working group presents possible current topics for a Bachelor's thesis.

This year, we are once again offering a variety of possible topics for a possible Bachelor thesis at our institute. Our work is mainly divided into the areas of data analysis at the LHCb experiment, detector development at the LHCb experiment and medical physics. Here you will find the posters presented by us with an overview of our fields of work and a detailed list of possible specific topics.

Here is a high-resolution version of the two posters:
Overview of possible topics

Here you will also find a detailed list of specific topics you can work on:

Further information on a thesis and the various topics can be found under this link. You can also find detailed information about the topics and working areas of our working group shown above.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at any time by email or simply drop by.

Professor Dr. Johannes Albrecht (johannes.albrechttu-dortmundde)
Dr. Dominik Mitzel (dominik.mitzeltu-dortmundde)
Dr. Dirk Wiedner (dirk.wiednertu-dortmundde)
Dr. Henning Manke (henning.manketu-dortmundde)